The idea for OpenFitness started when we wanted to find a local fitness class. Like most people we went online and started searching … and we searched … and we searched!!! We literally spent hours searching.

During our search we noticed a couple of things. We would find a class we were interested in, but it wasn’t at the desired time or location. We also had a hard time finding the gym schedules along with descriptions of classes, especially because we weren’t members. So we decided there had to be a better way and we wanted to put together that better way for us and for you!

Open Fitness was born out of our desire to have a one-stop destination for all of your fitness class needs. provide a solution for individuals, like us, who may want to experiment with varying types of fitness classes, not just the ones that may be offered at our current fitness club location.

Through OpenFitness we are not only able to solve the problems listed above, we are also able to provide discounts and special deals to OpenFitness members.

We feel your time should be spent getting fit, not looking for classes on the web. With OpenFitness, time dedicated to searching for a fitness class goes down, while time working out goes up!

Come and join us.