What is OpenFitness?

OpenFitness provides you with a way to find fitness classes and gyms that are convenient for you. You can search by location, date and time. Through this search you can go to a variety of fitness classes and exercise at different gyms.

What is the benefit of using OpenFitness?

Because you have the option of attending different classes at different fitness centers, a whole world of classes is open to you. Through attending a variety of classes at different centers you will meet new people, and may discover a new type of class you would not otherwise have tried, if not for OpenFitness.

What kind of classes are offered through OpenFitness?

Some of the offerings through OpenFitness are yoga, Pilates, cycling, barre, strength training, bootcamp, dance and so much more!

How early and how late can I book a class?

With OpenFitness you can book a class as early as 1 week in advance, and up to 1 hour before the class start-time.

Is there a “no-show” policy?

Yes, you will forfeit your payment if you are a “no-show.”

What is the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel, just call the fitness center at least 4 hours in advance of your class start-time, and reschedule to an available and convenient time.

What is the Privacy Policy?

We do not share your information with any outside groups.

I’m concerned about my credit card information – is it protected?

Yes, our site is secure and we are PCI Compliant.