How To Gain Lean Muscle Safely

Posted at 9:00 am, May 28, 2015 by Shannon Clark - 0 Comments
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While many people are currently looking for the fastest and greatest way to lose body fat, you might be looking at how you can actually gain weight instead. You don’t just want to gain weight however – you want the weight to be lean muscle mass, which will fill out your frame, adding curves in all the right places.

If you have the right diet and training program in line, you can definitely see increased muscle gain, and reach your dream body.

Let’s go over a few key tips that you should know to help gain muscle effectively.

28Find The Right Workout Plan

First, you’ll need to find the right workout plan. Your workout must provide an overloading stimulus, which will help send the message to your body that it needs to grow stronger.

This usually comes in the form of more weight lifted, however it can also be increasing the number of reps and sets you perform as well.

A proper workout program designed for building lean muscle mass will gradually get more challenging as the days go by, ensuring you continue to see optimal results.

It will also focus more on strength training and less on the cardiovascular side of things.

Add A Smart Number Of Calories To Your Diet

Next, you also need to add a smart number of calories to your daily diet. Don’t just think that you can eat whatever you want here – if you eat too much, you will start to gain body fat.

Remember that your body can only generate so much muscle each day and any energy taken beyond what’s needed to complete that process will be converted to fat storage.

For optimal results, aim for around 200-350 calories more per day than you usually eat. This level over your maintenance calorie intake will help ensure that any weight you do gain is lean muscle mass.

Focus On Quality Food

In addition to adding the right number of calories, you also need to focus on eating high quality food. Some people make the mistake of feasting on whatever they desire when aiming to build muscle and this usually just leads to fat gain.

Remember, if you put in high quality fuel, you will get high quality weight gain out of the equation. Put in low quality food, and you’ll be seeing low quality weight gain.

You also need to eat healthy foods in order to fuel those intense workout sessions as well. Junk food just won’t fit the bill here.

Value Rest And Recovery

Finally, last but not least, value rest and recovery. In order to get stronger and build more lean muscle mass, your body needs time to repair itself after each intense workout you do.

Start putting rest and recovery on top priority. Get at least two days of full rest each week, and consider another one to two days where you do only light exercise. This will ensure you come back to each intense workout session feeling your best.

So there you have the key steps to take to help you build lean muscle mass. If you need help finding a proper program to achieve success, check out OpenFitness.com for a wide number of workout program options.

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