The Best Pre-Workout Supplement You Already Have In Your Kitchen

Posted at 9:00 am, June 16, 2015 by Shannon Clark - 0 Comments
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Looking for an extra boost before you head in to do your workout session? If so, you might be looking at the many different pre-workout options available for you to use.

One search online for pre workout products – or a quick walk through your local supplement store reveals hundreds of different products, all designed to be taken right before the workout period.

But, are these products really necessary? Most do come with a pretty hefty price tag so if you’re like most, you really wonder whether or not these are absolutely essential to getting the job done.

The truth is, one of the best pre-workout supplements you could take is already located right in your kitchen at this very moment.

That supplement? Caffeine. With a very low price tag, you might want to consider putting this one to work for you.

Let’s look at the great benefits you’ll receive from adding caffeine to your protocol.

b-recent-trends-in-storytellingImproved Fat Oxidation

The first benefit of caffeine that you may not realize is the fact that it will increase the level of fat oxidation (burning) taking place in your body.

Simply by taking that caffeine, you will utilize more fatty acids as fuel during the workout session you’re about to do. Basically, expect faster fat burning as a result.

Enhanced Energy

Next, you’ll also experience a great boost to energy as well. Most people are well aware of the energizing effects of caffeine, so this one doesn’t need to be discussed in great detail.

Just note that you’ll want to take your caffeine in about 30 minutes prior to the workout session. This will ensure it hits you by the time you hit the gym, but you don’t experience a crash part-way through your workout.

Improved Mental Focus

Another great benefit of using caffeine is the increased mental focus you’ll receive as well. You’ll find you’re more determined and aggressive in the gym, ready to tackle whatever you throw at yourself with your workout program itself.

For those who feel they are mentally sluggish, caffeine can be just the remedy you need.

Staying focused while in the gym is also key for maintaining optimal mind-muscle control, which is important for experiencing the best results you can.

Increased Endurance

Finally, you’ll also notice that you experience much superior muscle endurance when using caffeine compared to when you didn’t. Whether you’re doing cardio training or resistance based training, you’ll notice that you can go harder with each session that you do before fatigue starts to kick in.

So as you can see, there are many benefits to simply using caffeine, which you can get with one cup of coffee. Save your money without having to sacrifice results. While many pre-workout products do have other ingredients that can be beneficial as well, if you’re on a budget, there’s nothing wrong with plain coffee instead.

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