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You know how important exercising on a daily basis is but most days, you can’t find the time. Whether you’re rushing off to work or making sure someone else is on time, fitness doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. If you are short on time but still want to get in shape, you need to try High Intensity Interval Training. This methodology of exercise has been proven to offer the biggest bang for your buck. It is time efficient and highly effective at burning fat. Let’s take a look at what High Intensity Interval Training is.


High Intensity Interval Training is also called H.I.I.T. It has been the subject of numerous studies in the past few years, all of which have come up with the same results. Time after time, H.I.I.T. has been shown to be superior to the traditional low-intensity, short duration exercise programs of the past. As demonstrated in this study published in the Australian Family Physician, all of the benefits associated with aerobic exercising with an emphasis on weight loss are amplified by the utilization of H.I.I.T.


H.I.I.T. can be incorporated into various training methods such as weight lifting, TRX, or Yoga. It’s most often used with bodyweight exercises, or calisthenics. A standard H.I.I.T. program will involve a set number of exercises that are performed one after another with no rest in between. Depending on your ability and experience level, once you go through the entire list one time, you will take a break ranging from 60 seconds to several minutes. Afterward, you begin again from the top of the list.


In this sample workout, follow the recommended repetitions for each exercise. Perform each one to the best of your ability but make sure to challenge yourself. Once you have completed the entire list, push yourself to complete another round or two, if you are physically able to do so. Remember to record your workout and the amount of time it took you to complete it.

• Wall Squat: 30 seconds
• Modified Medicine Ball Push-ups: 10
• Bird Dog: 20
• Lunges: 25
• Staggered Hands Push-ups: 10
• Single Leg Deadlift: 15
• Burpees: 10
• Leg Flutter: 20
• Wall Squat: 30 seconds


Fitness classes are an excellent way to get the challenge you are looking for while utilizing different variations of high intensity interval training. Veteran professional group instructors have an in-depth knowledge of hundreds of exercises, ensuring you will rarely do the same thing twice. You can move at your own pace with no fear of judgment or critique. Best of all, you’ll be building a new body amidst the company of friends. If you want all benefits of H.I.I.T. in a fun and carefree environment, consider joining a fitness class.

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