The Supplement That Improves Recovery During Exercise

Posted at 9:00 am, May 14, 2015 by Shannon Clark - 0 Comments
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As you move through your workout session, you might start to wonder which supplements you could be using to help you take your progress one step further.

While no supplement will ever replace a proper nutrition plan and workout program, there are products out on the market that may give you an added edge.

One such product that you might have come across before is the branched chain amino acids product, otherwise known as BCAA’s.

What’s this product all about and will it really help you see optimal success?

Let’s go over what you need to know about BCAA’s so that you can figure out if it’s the right supplement for you.

41What BCAA’s Are

BCAA’s are specific amino acids – L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine that are used for muscular repair and recovery. While you will take these in whenever you are eating meat protein, the problem is that when in food format, they first go to the liver where they are then processed.

This is less than ideal because they can’t provide nearly the same level of benefits as they would if they went directly to the muscle tissues themselves.

And, by having them in powder supplement form, that’s precisely what they do.

What Benefits They Bring

So what will BCAA’s offer you? First, they’ll help to give you a great energy boost. If you find you feel tired partway through your workout session, you might just find that this supplement helps you avoid that.

Second, they’ll also help prevent the level of muscle tissue breakdown you’d normally experience. By taking BCAA’s, you won’t be as catabolic, meaning you can recover faster between each workout session that you do.

This means you can hit the gym again sooner, seeing faster progress.

Finally, BCAA’s can also help to boost your metabolic rate. This means you burn more total calories up throughout the day, potentially seeing a faster rate of recovery because of it.

How To Use Them For Optimal Results

So now that you know what BCAA’s do, how can you use them? They’re typically taken as a during workout supplement, meaning you’ll mix them with water and sip them throughout the workout. This way they get into the muscle cells quickly when they’re needed most.

Alternatively, you can also drink them prior or post workout as well, or even on off days if you feel like your recovery capacity is lagging.

As they are calorie free, you won’t need to account them in your daily calorie total, so they can literally be taken any time you feel like it. They typically do come in a flavored variety, so can also be a great way to ensure you’re drinking enough water as well.

So all in all, if you want more energy during your workout sessions and a faster rate of recovery, you might want to consider adding BCAA’s to your day.

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