What Are The Biggest Mistakes People Make In The Gym

Posted at 9:00 am, June 20, 2015 by Shannon Clark - 0 Comments
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When you walk into the gym each day, you’ll come across a number of people making key mistakes that may not only cost them results, but also set them up for injury as well.

By learning what these common mistakes are, you can be sure that you side-step them and continue on to complete your workout sessions injury free while seeing the best results possible.

41Mistake #1: Lack Of A Plan

When you walk into the gym, do you know exactly what you will be doing while you’re there? If not, you’re making mistake number one.

It’s a must that you have a game plan for yourself each and every workout. Just like you’d be hard-pressed to get to a new travel destination without a road map, you’ll be hard-pressed to get your fitness goals without a plan on how to get there.

Without a plan, you’ll just be going through exercises aimlessly. This is no way to see maximum success.

Mistake #2: Improper Form

The second mistake is using improper form. It is an absolute must that when you first start in the gym, you learn how to use good form on every exercise you do.

If you don’t know how to do this, ask a trainer to help you. Building poor form habits will only set you up to experience injuries down the road.

Every 3-4 months of training, also do a form check. Lighten the amount you’re lifting and check to make sure that you are using good form.

Mistake #3: Zoning Out In Front Of The TV

The next error is zoning out in front of the TV. Too many people hop onto the treadmill, bike, or elliptical, go at a sub-maximal pace and tune into whatever is playing on TV. Or worse yet, they read gossip magazines.

If you want to get the most from your workout, you have to put maximum effort in. If you can watch TV or read, you simply aren’t doing that.

Mistake #4: Not Lifting Heavy Enough

When it comes to strength training, the biggest mistake often made is not lifting heavy enough weight. This is commonly made by women who are scared of getting ‘bulky’. Rest assured, you will not get bulky any time soon. Women simply do not posses the level of testosterone to develop muscle mass quickly.

If you want to see optimal progress, you must challenge yourself enough and those five pound dumbbells are very likely not doing the job.

Mistake #5: Getting Too Social

Finally, the last error is simply getting too social. While it’s great to meet other like-minded individuals at the gym, realize that when it’s workout time, it’s time to work. Keep your focus and don’t start chatting in between sets or while at the water fountain.

If you want to talk to someone, make a plan to meet up after your workout and enjoy a post workout shake together and catch up then.

So keep these mistakes in mind. Are you guilty of committing any of them?


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