Why Compound Exercises Are A Must

Posted at 9:00 am, May 6, 2015 by Shannon Clark - 0 Comments
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Looking to build more muscular strength? Or perhaps fat loss is your primary goal? Or, maybe you’re an athlete and are looking for ways that you can enhance your athletic performance.

Whatever the case may be, compound exercises are a must for your workout routine. Many people aren’t quite sure what exercises to be doing when they hit their workouts each week, but this can really make or break the progress you see.

If you perform the wrong exercises, it could mean minimal results and worse, workout boredom.

A particular set of compound exercises, which includes squats, deadlifts, lunges, shoulder press, bent over rows, and chest press are a must for all strength training workout programs.

Let’s go over why these are so beneficial so you can get a more clear idea of why they deserve a place in your workout program.

15High Calorie Burn

The first reason to be adding these compound moves to your protocol is to boost your workout calorie burn. The more muscle fibers you work in a given instant, the more calories you burn.

These exercises are going to target three or more muscle groups all at once, so you can imagine how quickly this adds up.

In addition to that, because these exercises are so intense overall, they’ll also help to jumpstart your metabolism and you’ll continue to see increased calorie burn for hours after the workout is completed as well.

Together, these two factors will really optimize fat burning results.

Greatly Improved Muscular Strength

The next reason to be adding these into your workout protocol is because they’re also going to go a long way towards improving your overall level of muscular strength.

Because they do work so many different muscle groups as just discussed, this means that you’ll be able to lift more weight in each and every rep you do.

More weight lifted means greater strength gains and this translates into superior results. You’ll see great functional strength gains using these moves, meaning that your performance on everyday activities will increase dramatically.

Improved Time Efficiency In The Gym

The next big benefit of these exercises is the fact that by doing them, you’ll need to spend less time in the gym overall. Because you will hit three or muscle groups in every rep you do, this means you can perform fewer exercises total per session while still working the entire body.

For those who need to get in and out of the gym quickly thanks to a busy schedule, this can be highly beneficial.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Finally, last but not least, you can expect to see great cardiovascular benefits from these moves as well. They’ll help really get your heart rate up, not only providing you with the strength gains you’re looking for, but also with improving heart health.

If you’re someone who doesn’t especially like traditional cardio training, a few sets of these can help provide similar benefits.

So there you have the primary reasons to make sure that compound exercises are part of your workout program. Want a workout that uses these along with other effective exercises? Check out OpenFitness.com for more ideas.

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